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OPENESI 8.6_-_On-Line
  #2   da piccoloremi
 7 mesi
ce qualcuno ke puo aiutarmi ho instal.. OpenESI 8.6 DM800SEV2, la skin mi esce fuori skermo cè soluzione?grazie
  #6   da bpmittal
 2 settimane
i am using openesi latest version
in my dreambox dm800hd se v2,
but when i try to start softcam panel then it gives an error and blue screen is shown for 3 times then it restarts ,
how to resolve this problem ?

error logs are attached .
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  #8   da bpmittal
 2 settimane
didnt get what you say ,

which are extra internals of 8.6 ,
are you referring to those extra addons ? then yes i have tried softcam from there but the error stops softcan to run.

Box Brand & Model :Dreambox DM800SEV2
Chipset (Frontprocessor Version):unknown (4)
Main Memory :221524 kB free / 317112 kB total
System OE :OE-Alliance 4.3
Firmware version :openesi 8.6.0 (2019-05-18)
Kernel / Drivers :3.2 / 20151201
Tuner A :BCM4505 (DVB-S2)
  #9   da Katrame
 2 settimane
put back image then go to extraddons and press green installs what you need with the old extra url crashes
  #11   da Katrame
 2 settimane
yes put clean image you make your settings then go to menu-openesi-extraddons and press the green button then go back to extraddons and find everything